Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

What is Individual Placement and Support?

Individual Placement and Supports, or IPS, is a supported employment approach for people with mental health disabilities shown to more effective at helping people become employed than using traditional employment services.

The IPS model is an evidence-based practice that engages a team approach to support your job search and work experience.  What you can expect includes:

  • Employment Specialists – An employment specialist (ES) will be assigned to help you identify your best job options, complete applications, schedule interviews, develop job skills, explore local work options, and gain confidence for success.

  • Other Supports - your ARMHS provider, therapist, nurse practitioner, CSP provider, or others needed for vocational success.

  • Rapid Engagement – For most job seekers the first meeting employers occurs within thirty days starting IPS services. 

If getting work or returning to work is important to you, Individual Placement and Supports may be right for you.   For more information or to start the referral process, contact your NWMHC provider.

Adult Services Intake Coordinator
Northwestern Mental Health Center