Northwestern Apartments

Northwestern Apartments provides psychiatric rehabilitation services in a community residential setting. The facility is operated by Northwestern Mental Health Center, Inc. of Crookston and treats up to 14 adults at any one time with serious mental illnesses, providing them with the skills to return to the community and lead healthy lives.

Each resident lives in and maintains a furnished apartment situated in an attractive nine-unit building.  Each apartment has two bedrooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and storage area.  This allows residents to reside in the community while still receiving treatment services. Residents pay subsidized rent, budget their money, buy groceries, plan and prepare meals, take care of an apartment, and other tasks consistent with community living - all with the assistance, support, and training of our staff. Some of the services provided include: 24/7 staff available on site; individualized treatment planning and goal-setting; individual and group counseling; group treatment based on a Dialectical Behavior Therapy model; social, recreational, leisure, and independent living skills training; medication services; work programs; help with securing benefits and accessing community services; and follow-up services through Northwestern Mental Health Center after discharge from the residential facility.

Northwestern Apartments accepts male and female adults who have a serious mental illness, are in need of treatment, and able to reside in the community.  The program accepts people with thought disorders, affective disorders, severe personality disorders, and other severe psychiatric disorders.  Referrals must be at least 18 years old and residents of Minnesota.  Contact your County Case Manager for a referral.

Northwestern Apartments & Adult Foster Care
100 Gretchen Lane, Crookston, MN 56716