With seed money, H.O.P.E. Coalition looks to do some good

Oct 14, 2019 -- Posted by : michelle

By Mike Christopherson
Posted Aug 14, 2019

Crookston Times - CHS, Inc. provides $2,000 contribution through its ‘Seeds of Stewardship’ initiative.

For months the mission has been established and laudable, and stakeholders and experts from a myriad of agencies and organizations have sat around tables and otherwise communicated to make sure that everyone has remained on the same page so everyone can hit the ground running at the opportune moment.

And now, with a $2,000 donation from CHS, Inc. to the H.O.P.E. Coalition (Help, Outreach, Prevention and Education), coalition members are ready to embark on their mission of suicide prevention.

“It’s our first donation and we’re very excited for that,” said Northwestern Mental Health Center CEO Shauna Reitmeier, while adding some additional contributions are in the pipeline as well. ”(The CHS, Inc. donation) is basically our seed money. Now we can get to work on trying to do some good.”

NWMHC, a non-profit agency, is the fiscal host for the H.O.P.E. Coalition, but the local, area and regional involvement goes far beyond a single agency. Read more...


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