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Community-Based Adult Services

Adult Community Support Program (CSP)

Community Support Services are available to individuals 18 years or older with serious and persistent mental illness and reside in Kittson, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Polk or Red Lake County.  Our staff assists individuals with an entire range of supportive services to promote recovery including benefits assistance, crisis assistance, employability, independent living skills, medication monitoring, psychosocial rehabilitation, client outreach, case management, and group services.

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services ARMHS services promote recovery by assisting recipients in gaining independent living and community skills, coping skills, social skills, and personal & emotional adjustment when these abilities are impacted by the symptoms of mental illness. ARMHS services assist and support individuals in areas such as medication education and monitoring, basic social and living skills, mental illness symptom management, household management, employment-related, or transitioning to community living. Our team works with individuals 18 years or older who have experienced a serious mental illness and/or traumatic brain injury to identify skill sets to increase the ability to live and work as independently as possible. Services offered include individual home, community-based or psycho-educational groups.

Certified Peer Support Services

NWMHC has a number of Certified Peer Support Specialists who provide specific rehabilitative services emphasizing the acquisition, development, and enhancement of skills needed by an individual with a mental illness to move forward in their recovery. These services are self-directed and person-centered with a focus on recovery. Peer Services are identified in a treatment plan or an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) and are characterized by a partnering approach between the Peer Recovery Specialist, who is a past consumer of mental health services and has been in recovery at least two years, and the individual who receives the services. Individuals must meet ARMHS eligibility requirements and have a current Community Support Services worker to qualify for Peer Support Services. 

Individual Placement and Support

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is a supported employment approach for people with mental health disabilities shown to be more effective at helping people become employed than using traditional employment services. The IPS model is an evidence-based practice that engages a team approach to support your job search and work experience through a rapid engagement method (typically, the first meeting with employers occurs within 30 days of starting IPS services). With IPS, an Employment Specialist (ES) is assigned to help you identify your best job options, complete applications, schedule interviews, develop job skills, explore local work options and gain confidence for success. In addition, your ARMHS provider, therapist, nurse practitioner, CSP provider, or others work with you and your Employment Specialist to assist you in learning skills to support you in your vocational success.

Individuals 18 years or older with a serious mental illness who have been referred for IPS services by their NWMHC provider and who are a resident of Kittson, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Polk or Red Lake County are eligible for IPS services.

Targeted Case Management

NWMHC is a certified Targeted Case Management (TCM) services provider. Case Management Services are designed to assist recipients in gaining access to needed resources and services (medical, social, educational, vocational, financial, and other necessary services) as they relate to the individual’s mental health needs. AMH-TCM services include developing a functional assessment and individual community support plan, referring and assisting the recipient in obtaining needed mental health and other services, ensuring coordination of services, and monitoring the delivery of services. Staff will meet with you and assist in identifying resources and services that you would benefit from such as benefits assistance and medication management.

Individuals 18 years and older who have a severe and persistent mental illness diagnosis and reside in Kittson, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Polk or Red Lake County can qualify for targeted mental health case management services. 

Homeless Intervention Program

Homeless Intervention Programs provides services to persons experiencing serious mental illness and homelessness. The HIP programs assist unaccompanied adults (18 and over) and those with families to find permanent housing. Persons typically served by these programs are; persons with serious mental illness, those who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness or those who have been homeless long-term (four times in the past three years or one continuous year within the past three years).

Services provided include outreach, case management/supportive services, mental health services, referrals, benefit assistance (including a special program, SOAR, for persons seeking SSA benefits), assistance with transportation expenses for housing and/or job search, financial assistance with the costs connected to setting up a new residence including household supplies and furniture and either first month’s rent or security deposit (eviction prevention in certain circumstances).

Residences are chosen by participants typically either income-based or the household has a HUD Section 8 voucher. Programs are available for those on the waiting list for a HUD voucher, Bridges, which is similar to the HUD voucher program, there is a waiting list.

Who we Serve:
Adults 18 years or older experiencing homelessness and have a serious mental illness and who are a resident of Kittson, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Polk or Red Lake County.

Adult In-Home Individual and Couples Therapy

NWMHC employs Mental Health Professionals and Clinical Trainees that are able to provide psychotherapy in the homes of adults and/or couples. Home-based therapy is usually provided in the common living areas of one’s home. Our team consists of skilled clinicians who are able to provide many types of mental health therapy including but not limited to Strengths-Based, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused, Trauma-Focused, Art/Music Therapy, and Relationship/Couples Counseling.

Adults over the age of 18 when determined medically necessary for this service to be in the home and who reside in our six-county service area (Kittson, Marshall, Red Lake, Polk, Norman and Mahnomen).