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Community-Based Children’s Services

Early Childhood Services

Our trained early childhood therapists offer assessment by teaming with parents and caregivers. Together, the team gains clarity and an increased understanding of the child’s struggles in order to provide individually tailored recommendations and interventions to support the child’s social and emotional development. NWMHC provides specialized assessments as well as individual and family therapy and/or skills training.

Assessments & Treatments include:

  • General mental health assessments and psychiatric evaluations
  • Play therapy, individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), parent/child psychotherapy, family therapy
  • Staff are trained in evidence-based interventions that include: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Trauma-Informed Child-Parent Psychotherapy (TI-CPP), Trauma-Focused CBT

Who we serve: Children age six and under who experience attachment, social, emotional and behavioral challenges at home, at daycare or in other settings and who reside in Kittson, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Polk, Pennington or Red Lake County.

Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)

NWMHC is a Certified CTSS services provider. Individual and Family Skills-Building are provided to children and families in which there is a child diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance who is struggling in the home, school or community environment. Social, emotional, and behavioral skills are taught by qualified mental health practitioners and professionals. The emphasis of NWMHC’s CTSS services is to aid in the child’s success in their current environment.

Who we serve: Children and adolescents diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance who struggle in the home, school or community environment and who reside in Kittson, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Polk, or Red Lake County.

Family and Individual Therapy (Provided In-Home)

NWMHC’s Family and Individual Therapy services are provided to children who have severe emotional disturbances and complex needs by qualified mental health practitioners and professionals utilizing strengths-based interventions that actively engage the individuals and family members in the counseling. Family Therapy is provided in the home of the child and their family. Individual therapy occurs either in the child’s home or in the child’s school. It provides flexible, culturally competent in-home and community-based therapy and treatment services that work to build positive family relational patterns and reduce disruptive behaviors and reduce the need for out of home placement. In-home ongoing treatment is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who coordinate service with schools, hospitals, treatment facilities and other service providers. Specific family problems vary from case to case but may include parental mental illness, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, delinquency, truancy, parenting problems, and physical disorders that limit daily functioning.

Who we serve: Children and adolescents have a severe emotional disturbance and complex needs and who reside in Kittson, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Polk, or Red Lake County.

Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management

NWMHC is a Certified Targeted Case Management services provider. Children’s Mental Health Case Management (CMHCM) assists children with a severe emotional disturbance and their families with assessing, accessing, coordinating, monitoring and planning mental health services. These services will address, reduce and/or alleviate their mental health symptoms to improve the functioning level of the client and family within the home, school and community settings.

These services are intended to assist children with severe emotional disturbance and include:

  • Assessing mental health needs
  • Accessing needed services
  • Coordinating services over time
  • Monitoring services to ensure they are meeting the identified needs

Who we serve: Children who have a mental health diagnosis and meet the criteria for serious emotional disturbance. Eligibility for case management services will be determined upon review of clinical and referral information.

School-Linked Mental Health Services

School-linked Mental Health Services consists of skills training, counseling, and therapy for students with emotional/behavioral difficulties. Services are provided by NWMHC providers or school staff contracted by NWMHC to provide the services. Staff work with the students and family to develop individualized treatment plans to identify goals and then they directly provide or assist the family in obtaining needed services to help the child achieve the goals in the plan.

NWMHC providers are located in schools in Crookston, East Grand Forks, Warren, Climax-Shelly, Fisher, Fertile-Beltrami, Win-E-Mac, Mahnomen and Thief River Falls. Additionally, NWMHC contracts with various other schools to provide services via school district staff.

NorthStar Summer Program

NorthStar is a therapeutic skills-building program through Northwestern Mental Health Center designed to build Life Skills and provide a routine for children diagnosed with a mental health issue. NorthStar Summer Program provides children with group therapeutic skills building. Group members practice skills including building and maintaining healthy relationships, problem-solving, healthy expression of emotion, respecting others and themselves and setting goals they want to achieve. The program utilizes a curriculum designed specifically for NorthStar by the staff each year which uses lessons, crafts, games, and other activities to teach necessary life skills and to provide participants with opportunities to practice these skills in a safe and nurturing group setting.