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Marissa Reimer

Marissa Reimer, MSW, LGSW

Mental Health Practitioner/Clinical Trainee

Location: West Polk CARE Team, South Point Elementary School
“I love the job I have because I’m able to be a part of someone’s life when they may feel like no one cares. I am with them through some difficult times and also exciting moments. I like that I have the ability to connect with so many children and offer them comfort, advice, insight, and skills they can use for the rest of their life, especially in the time of such crucial development and change. I do not know everything and that is a beautiful thing about my job, I am able to learn with my clients and be constantly challenged by new questions or situations.”

Education: MSW, University of North Dakota

Primary ages served: Elementary-aged children (5-12) and their families

Interest Areas/Therapeutic Approaches: anxiety, depression, ADHD, social skills, coping and relaxation skills, Trauma-Informed approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Specialty training/certifications: Zones of Regulation, MAPS