INFORUM – As Brenda Mack looks over the sugar beet field she helps farm, she’s reminded of the tough times she and husband Trent Brekken have faced throughout this harvest season.

“I grew up in a farm family in East Grand Forks, my husband’s been farming his whole life, and it’s been the most difficult harvest that he can remember,” Mack said.

Their struggles, along with the struggles of others, inspired them to open their shop to farmers all across Polk County for a support session in conjunction with the Northwestern Mental Health Center.

During the session Saturday, Dec. 14, they shared cups of coffee and conversation, which Brekken said was a great way to open up about the harvest.

“(It’s) just a bunch of (the) community getting together and just talking about how they did this year and the struggles they had,” he said. “It’s good to talk about it and just get it out in the open.”

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