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Meet Our Leaders

It is the mission of the Board of Directors and Corporate Officers of Northwestern Mental Health Center to provide high-quality services and relationships that promote wellness and recovery so individuals and families are successful in achieving their personal goals for an enhanced quality of life.

Board of Directors

  • Jim Duckstad, President
  • Theresia Gillie, Vice President
  • Nick Nicholas
  • Kristi Nelson
  • Karen Ahmann
  • Nomani Bingham
  • Don Diedrich
  • Maureen Hams
  • Gerald Jacobson
  • Dr. Andres Makarem
  • Nathan Redland
  • Allen Remick

Corporate Officers

Shauna Reitmeier, CEO
Shauna Reitmeier, MSW, LGSW
Chief Executive Officer
Tammy Hickel Zola, CPA
Chief Finance Officer
Joan Tronson, MAOM
Chief Operations Officer