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March is Social Work Month

This year’s theme is SOCIAL WORKERS ARE ESSENTIAL Each day more than 700,000 social workers nationwide make life better for others. They empower people, giving

Help and Hope for Substance Use Disorders

Learning how to cope during particularly stressful events in life—and we all experience them—isn’t one of those instinctual mechanisms our brains came equipped to handle.

Healing after a Life Disturbing Event

Written by Chris Green, MSW, LICSW Throughout history, people have experienced life disturbing events, both personally and as a community. The way we talk about

NWMHC Receives Award of Excellence

Northwestern Mental Health Center (NWMHC) has been recognized for its invaluable contributions to the behavioral health care field by The National Council for Behavioral Health.

Who am I if I am not a farmer anymore?

By Natalina Sents2/12/2020 Successful Farming – Let’s face it, transitioning to a niche market or picking up more work is not a solution for every farmer facing

Caregiver Support Group

Are you caring for an elderly loved one or a loved one with a disability? NWMHC is excited to partner with Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota to