Substance Use Disorder Services

NWMHC is a licensed 245G (formerly known as Rule 31) Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program. We provide individualized outpatient substance use disorder services to individuals age 10 and older who suffer from a substance use dependency and/or co-occurring disorder (mental illness and substance abuse).

Adult Outpatient Program
The adult outpatient program is offered to clients who are 18+ and are struggling with chemical dependency issues. Clients attend group and are assigned a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) to work on their person-centered treatment goals.

Adolescent Chemical Health and New Growth Experiences (CHANGE)
Our CHANGE Program is a licensed adolescent chemical health program designed to meet the needs of adolescents who are experiencing mood-altering chemical-related programs. CHANGE is designed as an abstinence-based educational/therapy program that challenges common misconceptions about chemical use while motivating each participant to assess their level of use. The program is twenty weeks in length and can be used for continuing care for adolescents returning from inpatient treatment. While the adolescents attend the CHANGE program, parents are offered the OPTIONS for CHANGE training to empower parents to deal with challenging adolescents through the development of consistent parenting styles, anger management techniques and the creation of individual plans of action.

Adolescents 10-18 year of age who are assessed ‘At-Risk’, Chemically Abusive or Dependent may attend the program. Parents of CHANGE participants need to attend the OPTIONS for CHANGE program.

Co-Occurring Disorders
Research strongly indicates that in order to recover fully, clients with co-occurring disorders need treatment for both problems and that treating one issue does not ensure the other will go away. NWMHC staff use a biopsychosocial treatment model (treating the whole person). Staff will work with the client to determine the treatment pathway which meets the client's needs and supports the positive personal change and recovery of individuals with dual disorders.

Rule 25 Assessments
NWMHC performs chemical health assessments required by courts and insurance companies, or those referred by self or others in order to establish chemical health concerns and diagnosis. Assessor’s identify problem areas and make recommendations, which may or may not be chemical dependency treatment.

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