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NWMHC is proud to announce the launch of our Parent Support and Chemical Health Support Warmlines. 
Warmlines provide early intervention with the emotional support that can prevent a crisis – and a 911 call or ER visit. Geared toward people who aren’t sure where to get care or aren’t sure whether or not they need care, warmlines provide a safe, anonymous, and confidential environment to connect during stressful, non-emergent situations. The Parent Support warmline connects callers with trained youth and family mental health providers to offer support and empathy, as well as strategies and guidance on any parenting issue, big or small. The Chemical Health Support warmline supports individuals who are experiencing chemical health triggers. Mental health providers will be available to offer support, practical coping skills, and guidance on next steps, should the individual wish to seek a higher level of care.

Please call our 24/7 Support & Crisis Helpline at 1-800-282-5005, where a caring team member will connect you with the appropriate mental health provider. 

No, there is no charge for a call to the 24/7 Support & Crisis Helpline. 

Both warmlines are available Monday through Thursday between 4 – 9 p.m. However, our 24/7 Support & Crisis Helpline is always available and will support every caller regardless of the situation. 

The 24/7 Support & Crisis Helpline is managed by our trained Mobile Crisis Response Team who will assess each caller’s situation and activate the appropriate type and level of care.